I recently shared on Instagram about why baking is so special to me, how I use the time to process through difficult or overwhelming situations (it’s how I celebrate, too just so you know). I don’t really want this to be a chatty post, mostly because I’m not feeling very chatty. But also because I’ve been researching a lot of recipe ideas lately and I get tired of flipping through websites that ramble for two pages before actually getting to the recipe.

Thus, in a simple and short explanation, I went for carrot cupcakes this week because my family has been begging me for them for forever. We have an old recipe from our BHG cookbook, which works just fine. However I wanted to go for something heavily carrot-y and low on ingredients. It makes adjusting and ‘reinventing’ to suit various allergy needs down the road much easier. For inspiration I used this recipe here. It’s nice since I can make the cake safe for various diet restrictions – in this case, gluten and dairy free (yay for happy tummies!!).

There was so much batter I had enough for 24 cupcakes and a 1 layer cake!

Okay, I might have fudged a bit – the cakes are dairy free. The frosting isss….eh, not so much. I wish that tasty dairy free cream cheese existed (maybe outside of Luxembourg it does!). I would eat it daily. Alas, as it does not, I settled for a simple cream cheese frosting low on butter and sugar, in order to compliment the cakes and not spoil my (almost) dairy free creation. I still ate these yummy babies despite the bit of dairy – because it’s carrot cake! Duh.

Anyway, I’m not sharing all my secrets, I’m afraid, so you will have to settle for the pictures and recipe inspiration for now! Sorry not sorry.

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Happy baking, friends! xx

Carrot Cakes


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