Lakri Luxe.

All credit to seeking out this sweet shop goes to one of my wonderful Norwegian friends. I’m sure I would never have discovered it, as I tend to develop habits and frequent the same shops and cafés. However, I am so incredibly happy to have taken the time and sought out Lakri-Luxe in the city, because the man that I met (whom I assume is the owner, Andreas Degenhardt), is incredibly friendly. Yet, the most important bit to this ginger expat was that he happily spoke English with me!

Tucked away in the undercover shopping area just across from the new Nespresso shop on Grand Rue, this shop boasts over one hundred different types of liquorice! Can you imagine how excited I was to discover this? I originally searched for the shop as I know he sells a yummy liquorice drink (originally introduced to me by my friend), and ended up taste-testing several different types of liquorice to take back for my lovely Norwegians to enjoy. He explained to me the variety of Turkish pepper liquorice he offers, as well as a variety of sweet flavours; I wrestled between caramel and fudge liquorice. I think I won with the Swedish caramel, however will definitely be going back to test that fudge liquorice, too.

What I liked about this shop is that the owner truly understood what he was selling; I liked seeing his passion for his knowledge of liquorice. It was inspiring to see someone be experienced and so passionate in something so unique here. When I mentioned my Aussie, he instantly told me about a new Australian one he had been searching for, for a long time. Have you ever tried ginger liquorice? He let me have a bit – super tasty. I recommend giving this one a go at least once (you know, health benefits of ginger and all that).

Now I know that not everyone likes liquorice, so don’t be dissuaded from stopping by. Lakri-Luxe offers a huge variety of Bärenland brand candies, specially made with natural fruit juices (perfect for someone trying to maintain a semi-healthy lifestyle) and so many more sweet options I hadn’t even looked at. If you’re not interested in liquorice, but you’d like to spend your money towards supporting a local business, then Lakri-Luxe is a lovely little place to start. Also a great gift idea for taking to loved ones over the upcoming summer holidays. 😉

Don’t forget to show your support for local businesses and check out his shop on Facebook or see his products on offer here.

Happy week, my friends!




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