Last week I wrote an article about the latest discovery of raw and vegan style eateries here in Luxembourg, and I realised something after I posted it. It really drew a lot of attention (thank you for your support, guys!) and got me thinking about the choices we make every day when it comes to food.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy greasy, salty, rich foods. I would rather eat a bowl full of potato fries and a greasy burger than dive into a bowl of quinoa and vegetables any day (my stomach is grumbling just thinking of it!), yet I know it’s not the most beneficial thing I could be feeding myself. I’ve been dabbling into this more all-natural and raw/vegetarian style of eating, and in many ways I do like it.

I’m very sensitive to all things dairy and extremely sensitive to gluten (I break out into hives and put on weight so quickly), so these are the two things I avoid as much as possible. In the last year, I’ve also noticed an increase negative sensitivity to kiwis and salmon. It’s rather disheartening for me, as they are two foods I’ve always loved to eat. Lastly, I really struggle with processed foods. Anything prepared with a lot of chemicals and words I can’t even pronounce tend to upset my stomach and cause a ridiculous amount of bloating.

So almost naturally, I’ve slowly transitioned into a diet mainly consisting of natural foods, simply because I know I feel better after eating them. It doesn’t mean that I don’t eat my favourite greasy and salty foods. I try to balance it out and limit how much crap I feed my body. Because I’m almost becoming addicted to feeling good. It’s something I never actually noticed until I began cleaning all of the crap out of my system.

All of this has me pondering this new ‘trend’ of eating. I notice in the States it’s the most common habit everyone talks and posts about – raw this, vegan that, hemp seeds and coconut oil and avocado kale smoothies galore. I don’t believe it’s bad, in fact I like supporting people and business that promote a healthier life, but I find for myself that I have to have a balance, or I would drive myself crazy. Even though I do feel better when I keep processed foods out of my diet, every once in a while I indulge in that (gluten-free) pizza at Mama Loves You or the greasy burger at Café Belair. Or the frozen (GF/LF) pizza I just had for lunch.

I suppose my point in all of this, is that I would rather learn to aim for a sense of balance in my diet, rather than swing from one extreme to another. And I find this mentality works in so many other areas of my life as well – imagine that, hey?! I’m able to reduce the stress and lose all sense of pressure when I maintain a balance of this and that; no one intense or extreme trend or habit or way of thinking. Heaven knows I’m all about reducing the stresses in my life! Because I don’t know about you, but living with the pressure of meeting the expectation of a fad or a lifestyle is incredibly stressful and tiresome in the long run.

So, lately I like to experiment with my food and have been cooking up new things, eating at new restaurants (like Rawdish!) and basically being willing to try something new and different. But I still enjoy chewy candies from time to time and drink waaaay too much coffee every day. See, food is only one area of my life I’m ‘revamping’ and balancing out at the moment; as I spend about half my day eating or thinking about eating, I’d say it’s a fairly important one to focus on! But I’m not stressing over perfecting this in an extreme way. It’s so freeing.

Balance is the key to everything.What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through this awareness we can grow. -Koi Fresco

What about you? What areas of your life do you try to find balance in? Any tips you’d like to share?


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