Hello there! I don’t know about you, but autumn is starting to hit Luxembourg the last couple of days. After the rumoured hot spell last week (I say rumoured because I was bouncing around Rome and the Amalfi Coast with my love during said spell), everything seems to be turning colours and falling now. It’s interesting for me, as I feel like summer barely hit and now the cloudy fall days have arrived.

But enough moaning about the passing seasons; I wanted to check in and share a few quick highlights about Rome before we’re off on more travels this week. As you know, I try to avoid gluten and most dairy products as I’ve a sensitive stomach when it comes to food. So when Peter mentioned a trip to Italy, the land of pizza and pasta, I was a bit nervous about how we’d manage with meals there. After 5 years of living in Luxembourg, I’ve learned to keep expectations low when it comes to allergy-friendly foods (granted, I know that’s slowly starting to change here). I prepared myself for a lot of fruit, vegetables, and shopping in supermarkets for anything gluten free. However it was a pleasant surprise when, on our first night in the beautiful city, the first restaurant we happened upon happily replied with an excited ‘Yes!’ to our senza glutine query.

Now, as you may know, 9 times out of 10, when requesting food sans gluten in Luxembourg, you are often met with eyebrow lifts and resounding ‘No’s, resulting in disappointing (and expensive) salad dishes. I was so relieved and excited to find that all except for one random restaurant in Rome offered a variety of allergy-friendly foods. In fact, one restaurant overlooking the Colosseum was so tasty, we went back a second time! What a treat it was to relax and enjoy my meals without stressing about getting sick.

My two favourite restaurants were very centrally located; one we stopped at for lunch, perfectly placed alongside the Piazza Maggiore, appropriately named Caffé Maggiore. I had a lovely gluten free funghi pizza while we enjoyed a bit of relief from the afternoon heat. Later on for dinner, we stumbled upon a delightfully convenient restaurant just around the corner from the Colosseum, Imperiale Ristorante Pizzeria in the Monti district of the city. After my second gluten free pizza of the day (plus a bit of  tasty wine and  to-die-for chocolate gelato), we wandered down the street for a lovely little walk around the Colosseum and Forum before calling it a night. Can you say romantic?!

All in all, aside from the amount of history in this ancient city that swept me off my feet from the moment we landed, my next favourite thing had to be the easy access to allergy-friendly foods. Without a doubt. I’d love to keep sharing about our adventure in Italy, but we’re heading out for more travels, so I must be off! Keep an eye out for more about our experience in the Amalfi Coast, what we liked and what things we’d do differently next time. Arrivederci


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