My week was quite full of activity, unfortunately. I say this because, as you know, when the heat finally hits Luxembourg, it’s nearly impossible to stay cool and refreshed.

As I live rather close to the centre, it’s easy enough to go by bicycle. And since I’m saving every penny at the moment, I’ve taken advantage of my bicycle this summer and avoided the hot and stuffy public transport. Yay for that one! ….what do you think of my selfie-while-riding-a-bike skills?

I believe I lost count of the many ice cream moments I enjoyed during the week, but I do remember discovering my new favourite gelateria. Just off the “place de france” stop on bus lines 5&6 in Merl, it’s perfetto for grabbing a refresher mid-afternoon. Check it out!

The moment where I used up the last of my favourite OPI nail varnish, titled thanksawindmillion. It was bitter-sweet, as I love that colour and I certainly won’t be replacing it here at 18€ a bottle, however using the last of it opens up space for a new favourite, amiright?

There was a beautiful and serene moment of walking through Parc Merl and and enjoying the flowers. I’m a sucker for anything floral and scented, so I had to ruin the calm, phoneless moment, and capture this hydrangea. It was worth it, as the moment is now forever frozen in my memory camera file.

A final moment to reflect on was my new summer robe: Pink. Floral. Do you sense a trend here? Anyway, I couldn’t deny myself a little bit of shopping in the summer promotions and I love being cosy and cool in this lovely cotton for summer mornings now. (Thanks, Hunkemöller!)

What moments did you enjoy last week?

ginger xx

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