Things I learned about my trip to Praha…

1) 5 days is MORE than enough to see the city, but not nearly enough to see all the museums (so much history involved there)

2) Hostels are the way to go (8.40€ / night, yo)

3) As it is in most cities, don’t settle for sellers’ price in the markets – can you say “barter”?!

4) Learn a few phrases in Czech – ahoj, prosím, děkuji, ano, žádná, kde je – things like that. The first day, I happened upon a cute coffee shop with very kind ladies who wrote down some basic phrases for me. Definitely the way to learn the local languages!

5) One word: BEER.

6) If you’re travelling from Luxembourg, Student Agency is great. It’s a 9hr bus ride and drops you off at either the main train station or the bus depo (I recommend the train station as the depo is quite a ways out of the city, in a seemingly not-so-great area). I don’t know about the train, but the bus was ideal for a student budget.

7) The food!! So tasty, so delicious, affordable compared to Luxembourg prices (3-10€ for meals).

8) Walk a lot, don’t bother with public transport, but if needed, take a taxi – and again, learn to barter the cost.

9) Walking all the way to the castle is totally worth it. Plan it in such a way that you are walking back down as the sun sets – beautiful scenery, plus there are some great pubs & bars along the way offering tasty beers refreshments.


10) Be sure to stop and enjoy the street performers.

11) Definitely follow the wild goose chase to Lennon’s Wall. And plan to stay for a while, it’s picture-worthy, and the surrounding neighbourhood is pleasant for meandering.

12) Be sure to stop and smell the roses. Literally. The gardens around the city are beautiful and luscious and worth seeing. Especially the Botanical Gardens.

13) It rains just as much as it does in Luxembourg…. be prepared.

your favourite ginger xx

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