Good morning my friends,
Aside from last weeks’ (or was it 2 weeks ago now?) post, I have a confession to make here: I have no new updates to write about. Simply because, absolutely nothing has been happening. And that’s not exactly blog worthy, I know.

It’s just that I’ve had a revelation lately about this odd season I’ve been in and wanted to share something other than my baking experiences (one can only do that so long before chancing a growing waistline). I know I’ve been sounding rather negative when it comes to expat life, but that’s only because this year it has proven to be a real struggle. Visas and work permits are the number 1 problem we expats experience! And it’s sooo frustrating. I’ve been waiting on mine for nearly 6 months now. Spending my time mostly knitting, helping out friends and giving extra cuddles to puppy whilst my visa is being processed. So exciting, I know.

(Well, at least he’s a cute puppy to cuddle with.)

For those of you that don’t know, I needed to renew my visa back in July and have been dealing with additional paperwork about once a month ever since. The latest update was from last week, when I called and spoke with a kind gentleman who informed me that I should definitely hear by January at this point. Well, that wouldn’t be too terrible, except that I’m also not able to even leave the country at the moment since my current visa technically expired weeks ago. So sure… January. Because I love not being able to leave the country for a total 6 or 7 months, especially over Christmas to visit my boyfriend. (Have I mentioned just how TINY Luxembourg is?? That’s a long time to stay in one small location…just sayin’)

(Aww, look how cute we were last Christmas!)

I must say, the hardest part about waiting on something like a visa is the not knowing. I wait impatiently for an uncertain answer: will they accept my application this time? Or will they say, after 5 years, that I must leave? It’s such a tense and stressful period. An annoyingly difficult lesson in patience. I always wonder, in times like these, when will I reach that ‘point’ of having succeeded in patience. When will I no longer be in situations that require patience? Obviously, that would be never. But for those of you waiting for something that could be a game changer, I’m sure you understand the emotional ups and downs of a time like this.

Obviously I had hoped to be able to visit Australia again by now before I start studying. I’m not going to lie that I have been frustrated (and maybe even angry) about the visa delay. I regret to say people close to me have had to put up with a lot. In fact, someone dear to me even had to hold up that proverbial mirror to me before I saw how ugly my attitude in this waiting period had become. Since then, I have tried (promise!) to find more positive things about this pause in my plans. For example, I’ll be able to visit the Lux Christmas markets – yay! I’ve been able to help out a friend of a friend in an urgent situation (which has in turn been a blessing to me). I get to spend a bit more time with dear friends and family as well – and hopefully catch a bit of snow too!

(Sigh… Luxembourg is beautiful covered in snow)

All in all, I am trying to work on my attitude towards waiting this time around. My little revelation is that I’m learning it’s important to be active in the waiting; to be patient, yes, but to not put life on hold in the meantime. Continue to do things, make plans, bless others, look outward and focus less on my own issue. It has truly been helping me to pass the time and practice more patience than I did before. Focusing on others needs and blessing them is what’s been pushing me through the most. Even when I’m exasperated by the speed of the Luxembourg government…. 😉

until next time, xx

Featured image by: Bohuslava Černotová

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