This adorably cute café is worth a post on the blog this week.

Why, you ask? Well, though it is a small café, it is such a lovely, quaint spot that it shouldn’t be overlooked. Tucked in a side street near the palace, this little shop is a treat not only for the coffee addicts (like yours truly), but for lovers of homemade goodies as well.

Lea Linster is a famous Luxembourgish chef and owner of a Michelin-star restaurant in Frisange, Lea Linster Cuisinière. Additionally, she has a smaller restaurant in Kayl, Pavillion Madeleine. About three years ago, she opened this small, classy café in the city.

I only recently discovered this while on the look-out for café’s for my next “Top 5” article on City Savvy Luxembourg (coming soon!). And though it was a hot afternoon, I decided to stop in for an espresso, and ended up chatting with Lara, a 20-something Luxembourger, who shared more about Lea Linster and her food art in Luxembourg.

I liked this place the instant I stepped inside – its atmosphere is cosy, due to its royal purple interior (perhaps a tribute to the palace?) and simple row of window seats. Although this stylish café offers a simple selection of tasty refreshments, it’s a perfect spot for a quiet chat with a friend or a moment of relaxation after a busy day. I highly recommend it the next time you plan a rendez-vous with a friend!

ginger xx

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