When this country has become your home over a period of time – be it months, years or decades – leaving can be so hard. The emotional attachment you make and the memories you leave behind can make moving on a difficult thing.

All of the little things add up to packing and leaving a place that has been home, even for a little while. Not to mention the logistics behind it all. This expat, having called Luxembourg home for 5 years now, gives just a little glimpse into her thoughts during her transition to her next country; putting it in the ‘proper’ perspective of hectic, crazy, overwhelming, exciting, and sometimes just plain hard.

Ha! A moment in my day is this: ‘Gah! Do I really have that much stuff? Am I really going to have to sort through all this. Coffee. I need coffee…’ And while I let myself get distracted by the coffee, I find myself grinning and thinking ‘I’m going. I’m really going this time!’ Directly followed by ‘However am I going to stand being away from everyone?’
So there. My moments are rollercoasters. All of them.

your ginger xx

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