As Christmas draws near this week, I wanted to share a bit about our newest little addition to the family. Or well, not-so-little-addition. You’ve already seen our little puppy on Instagram, I’m sure. He’s adorable, isn’t he?? Well, our household decided that one puppy isn’t really enough for us… Or, they just really miss a more hectic household. I’ll let you decide. Either way, we recently agreed we needed to adopt this dapper fellow this past weekend – I like to think of him as a sort of pre-Christmas present to the whole family. Sooo, meet Snow!

Snow and Storm – appropriate names for our adorable little bunch.

I’ve not yet had the pleasure of having children myself, but I imagined having puppies would be so much easier than having tiny humans. I worked as a nanny for several years (which I absolutely loved); so I like to think I have a fair amount of experience around babies and young children, the amount of energy they require, the focus, attention… Basically, they need 24/7 care. Dogs should be waaaay easier than kids. Right?

Ha. Yeah, right. You see, Storm, our little Havanese fella, had finally settled down in his routine of eat, sleep, cuddle, walk, poop and repeat. He knows his boundaries around the house, has a semi-regular schedule and is Oh! so cuddly. I adore him and his spunky, lovableness. Then, we brought our new ‘baby’ home this past weekend  and allllll of Storm’s training and schedulling has gone out the window (almost literally at times).

I think Snow has been a major shock to poor Storm’s little life so far. So the last few days have certainly been interesting and a little crazy. Like having two new infants in the house. I imagine this is very similar to what having toddlers would be like. Snow is so sweet, although he is large – a bit like a gentle giant. Surprisingly, he has a lot of energy for a five-year old and is incredibly strong! I’m talking like Superman strength here. Gah. I can see how he’ll become the perfect big brother for Storm in time, though. He’s so great at playing and rough-housing with the puppy – and even better at putting the little guy in his place when he gets too feisty and hump-y (is that a word?). All in all, they seem to be surviving each other, and I imagine have the potential to be best buddies in time…

How do you like my paw in yo face?

Oh! In case you were worried about OUR survival this week: coffee and chocolate seem to be a good source of energy to supplement the lack of sleep right now.


Yeah. My feelings exactly, puppy…

Anyway, this is not exactly a festive post, but we are very happy with our early Christmas present this year… I guess you could say he’s the gift that keeps on giving. He has been the perfect addition and will certainly be well-loved.

Merry (almost) Christmas, friends! xx

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