When I first heard this term last week, I admit I started laughing. I mean, “coffee cupping” doesn’t sound all that pleasant. However, once I got past the terminology of coffee tasting, I was very eager to give it a go.

Where might one find coffee cupping in Luxembourg, you ask? Well, there is a beauty of a coffee shop located just outside city centre – Coffeeshop Knopes. When I arrived Saturday morning for the session, I didn’t have an easy time finding it at first, as the coffee shop is located inside the store, Robin du Lac. As the coffee cupping session doesn’t allow for more than 10 people at a time, it’s good to arrive early or call ahead if you’ll be more than 4. I won’t give away the process of tasting cupping coffee, as it’s a rather entertaining and not-so-graceful process. Just check it out for yourself!

This hidden coffee spot definitely delivers, as it’s an artisan coffeehouse – specialty coffees and a variety of coffee beans, ranging from light and fruity to strong and earthen, which change quite frequently. Aside from the more usual methods of preparation (espresso, cappuccino, etc) also offered are:

french press coffee
siphon coffee
drip brew coffee

If you can’t make it out to Hollerich for a delicious cuppa coffee, try stopping by their smaller café in the centre, located just near Alima. Here you can also ask for their loyalty card, which counts for all take away drinks. I highly recommend the café frappé for a hot summer day, or a hot mug of the Autour du Monde – a strong, creamy, earthen blend (good with milk or even black!). **Bonus – The Knopes in Hollerich also offers a pleasant atmosphere for reading, studying (free wifi!), or just taking it easy for a few hours.

your favourite ginger xx

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