Autumn Collect!

I wanted to step away from the usual heavy duty (sometimes overly emotional) posts and to a little something different for you ladies! I plan on creating a collection of the variety of things I’m liking or enjoying this season – everything from what I’m eating, wearing, cooking, reading, you name it!

Learning to be okay

So this is why I sit here. I sip my tea. I breathe deeply. And in this quiet spiral I hear a still, small voice speak beautiful words to me. I hold tightly to those whispered love-notes as my anchor in a raging storm.

Wrapping Up My 10 Day Detox

I’m sitting here munching on a salad at the moment. It’s not a very pleasant tasting one. But I’m sharing this because I’m at the end of my detox/cleanse and I didn’t know what to eat tonight. I didn’t have much to choose from in the fridge, and to be honest, I didn’t want to ‘celebrate’ anything junky like pizza. So I threw a bunch of veg in a bowl and called it dinner.