Before you ask – yes, I am a natural redhead. And let’s just leave it at that.

So, I’m originally from the US. I spent the first 18 years of my life travelling and living in various cities and states around the country, exploring the history and beauty of my country that I’m so very thankful for. Something I’ll always carry with me.

At the age of 18, my family transferred to Europe – Luxembourg, specifically. Until recently, I’ve called this small country home. It’s where I’ve grown into my adulthood, developed opinions and had my eyes opened to a great big world; the one outside of America, that is. It’s very different from how I grew up, but what I have now is what I remember most.

For all intents and purposes, I’m no longer American – I speak this odd mix of English and French and some Luxembourgish accented-words that would confuse anybody. I eat with a fork in my left hand a knife in the right – you know, the proper way. I use words like rubbish, instead of trash (because absolutely no one understands the meaning of trash here), and take away in place of take-out. As I once read, I’ve become this Transantlantic person; neither American nor European. I’m from nowhere.

So everything I write about, be it café reviews or soul-searching articles about life as a foreigner, it’s all based on becoming an adult in a strange land, making that place a home and coping in a world different from the one I was raised in. There have been so many difficulties, I won’t lie. But oh, there have been so many good things as well. What you read on my blog, it’s all my own perspective; my own heartfelt experiences. It comes from a place of abstract thought and mixed emotions, where it seems nothing is certain – but I know in all things, I am certain that the final outcome will be good.

That motivation and hope keep me going. It inspires me to write and share bits of my life, maybe for you to relate to; or maybe to give you one small glimpse into one small piece that makes up this great world. I hope you enjoy reading, and I hope it inspires you in your part of the world, that nothing, no matter how insignificant or unusual something may feel, it all comes together to form this wonderful creation we are a part of.

Happy reading, new friend.



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