What do I consider to be a quiet and relaxing coffeehouse to linger in for a few hours, away from the bustling crowds?

It would have a cosy and inviting atmosphere, a warm sense of “come in and stay a while”. Although its menu would boast enough coffee styles to suit the masses, it wouldn’t be as complex (nor as expensive) as a Starbucks menu – because, let’s face it, Starbucks has too many options and is just plain overwhelming and pricey. No, no… this coffeehouse would have just enough selection without overwhelming my simple palate nor cleaning out my pocketbook. I may even see a few sweet treat options in a display case.

Once seated in a comfortable spot, I would see slightly modern and funky, entertaining wall art, maybe even some coffee and music-related quotes scattered about. If I’m lucky, I might find a small stack of books just waiting to be read, perhaps a board game or two as well. Some sort of soft rock soundtrack would be playing in the background (preferably an 80s mix) to match its coffee / music-theme. Heck, they might even sell a few coffee paraphernalia, like the french press and glass coffee pots.

The staff would speak English, since I’m coming here to relax and not overwork my brain. They would be kind, helpful and friendly, but they wouldn’t hover. I’m here to relax in the quiet, not make new friends, after all. If it’s nice weather, I could sit by the window and enjoy the mad dash of people out on the street; or if I want to burrow and hide in the wintertime, I could make use of the almost-hidden seating in the back. Obviously I would also find plug outlets and tables large enough for studying, researching, writing and anything else blogging related.

Last, though certainly not least, this coffeehouse would need to be located somewhere easy to get to, because I wouldn’t want to break into a sweat to get there (I am, after all, lazy and relaxed for this visit). It would be in the centre, or near the Gare for easy access.

Could such a place exist in Luxembourg? Yes, indeed it can. Full credit belongs to my lovely sister for introducing me to Black Notes Coffeeshop. It is everything described above and more. I’ve only been there once, but once is more than enough to know that I’ll be back. I would highly recommend this as your next date / study / coffee fix spot. It’s well worth it!

your favourite ginger xx

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