Hey there gals,

I wanted to step away from the usual heavy duty (sometimes overly emotional) posts and to a little something different for you ladies! I plan on creating a collection of the variety of things I’m liking or enjoying this season – everything from what I’m eating, wearing, cooking, reading, you name it! The reason why is, even though I want to continue using this platform to raise awareness about mental illness, I also want it to be a positive place where you actually enjoy reading what I create. Imagine that.

So, this week I thought I’d share with you the kind of stuff I’ve been up to, but I’ll get into a variety of cool things (like food and beauty) over the coming weeks. So here we go!


I have spent a fair amount of my time researching ways to earn an income from home. Geesh, it’s exhausting. But, as you know, I’m such a homebody and I’d love to be able to support myself in a way that suits my (sometimes anti-social) personality. So far, it’s slim pickings out there. But I’m hopeful/positive I have a niche and will be able to make a life out of it in time (hang in there with me whilst I put the idea together).

I’ve also made a point to exercise in recent weeks. Dun dun dun! It’s such a great mood-booster, except the kicker is actually getting off my a$$ on the days I’m already feeling depressed. Heh. Nevertheless, Adriene’s yoga videos are my speed on the slower days; she even has a playlist full of yoga positions for moody days. So, so soo me. On good days I usually hop on the exercise bike my host family has been kind enough to lend me.

Just a piece of advice on this, find the kind of exercise that works for you. It’s the only way to actually stick to it. Trust me. I used to be a runner and I loved it; nowadays my knees hate me, so cycling is much more enjoyable. I would never exercise if I only made running an option. Believe you me.


Oh, I’m so excited to share this bit with you! Last week (or was it two weeks now?), I read Addie Zierman’s book, When We Were On Fire, and it felt like I was reading a book about my life. It’s a memoir of her evangelical childhood, cynical transition into adulthood and eventual depression as she fought to find her identity in herself and in her faith. I know all too well that it’s such a difficult and lonely season to be in, so I felt a connection to her in this book and literally read the entire thing in one sitting. I cried in many parts and was encouraged by the ending. Incredibly, incredibly grateful to have discovered this one!

The Alphabet Sisters was also a sweet, endearing novel I just finished the other day. I discovered it when I was looking for a new copy of Pride & Prejudice awhile back and when the bookstore didn’t have it, I figured I might as well buy something else whilst there. Very happy with this purchase! This fiction is set in Australia surrounding the lives of 3 sisters who separate over a guy, yet are drawn back together several years later by their eccentric grandmother. It’s beautiful, sad, funny and totally relatable. Highly recommended if you have sisters!

(^^why did that totally just feel like a book report from school just then??)

I’m compiling my next list of readers, so I’ll share these sometime down the road!


For months, I loved baking anything I found on The Cake Blog, they make some fantastic cakes that I would usually turn into cupcakes. If you like unique flavours, Tessa Huff creates divine cakes with exciting flavour combinations – definitely check her out!

Buuuuut, out of the desire to watch reverse my slowly expanding waistline, I’ve seriously cut back this kind of baking. For a slightly healthier (and vegan) option, I’m obsessed with this berry crumble. I first discovered it by Instagrammer Lady Appleseed and you guys gotta try it, even if you’re not into the vegan lifestyle – it’s simply delicious!

I’ve also been making a lot of salads, simply out of ease and weight maintenance. This Parmesan Salad is fantastic when topped with a poached egg:

Peter and I recently got to try a fantastic truffle oil and now I’m obsessively topping everything with it (even put it over my gf pizza base last night). I totally suggest drizzling truffle oil over a poached egg for breakfast. It’s divine.

Well guys, I think that about wraps it up for this week! What’d you think? I’m sitting here with Friends reruns on and my nails drying, but I’m about to go watch photography and editing tutorials in order to create better content for you guys. I’m seriously lacking in the tech department, sorry guysss. But I hope the above links help you all out until I get better at the visual side of this. Help, help, help, help!

Love, xx

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