A few weeks ago I went apple picking at Les Vergers de Steinsel, north of the city, on a typical grey and wet day in Luxembourg. Despite the weather, it’s one of my favourite events to welcome in the autumn season; roaming through the orchards scoping out apples ripe for the picking, wearing my favourite Posh Wellies (yes, that IS what they are called), donning hats and gloves if necessary and grabbing a hot apple cider at the end…I absolutely love every bit of it.

Well I’m extremely thankful to have had the chance for one more season of apple hunting, because it meant I got to enjoy the fruit of my labour (hehehe) in delicious pies, cakes and sweet breads whilst I am here. What better way to spend my extra free time than by giving my rusty baking skills some much needed attention!


I started a few weeks back with this absolutely divine chocolate cake with Earl Grey frosting (swoon!), and last week after our visit to the orchards, I turned to the shiny red and green beauties for inspo. After being so impressed by Tessa Huff’s chocolate cake recipe, I wanted to give her spicy apple recipe a go, in the hopes of another moist and flavourful cake. And I was so happy, it was a success! (again)


On a side note, I highly recommend that gluten free variations for this cake be made using Schär cake flour and a dash or two of xanthum gum for the ‘glue’ to keep it together. Also, I added extra apples, because well, apples.

For the frosting I used a different one of her recipes, just a simple cinnamon buttercream – and only made HALF the recipe. I wanted to go for more of a naked cake look, as is so fashionable right now. Also, less buttercream is healthier, right?!

Then, following this fancy shmansy naked cake trend, I attempted a more natural cake topper of chopped walnuts with thin strips of orange and apple peel, just for effect. Although I seriously think I should study up a bit more on this whole ‘natural’ topper look, I’m not a huge fan of decorating edible cakes with non-edible tree branches and flowers. So, any suggestions and I’m all ears! Figuratively speaking…


What I really enjoyed about this apple spice cake was that it was extremely moist and not overly sweet. Adding just a nip of cinnamon frosting was the cherry on top, so to speak, by complementing the apple spices without overwhelming the senses.

Overall, I’m quite happy with how it turned out, and will definitely be making this one again, especially considering that I have buckets of apples still to use…. Mmmm.


So, bottom line is, you have got to try this cake for yourself – and not feel guilty for it, because you know, apples are healthy. 😉

Happy baking, friends xx

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