I have the house to myself this morning. It’s cold outside, I made blueberry lemon scones and I’m drinking my favourite Timeless Black Tea from Honk Kong whilst writing. I just needed to point out how cliché this is today.

I also wanted to take some time this morning and share a bit of life happenings, because I’ve been going at break-neck speed now for a long time, and haven’t found much time nor the inspiration to write much.  Now that I’ve stopped working (goodbye office life!!), I’ve been preparing for a really big change, one I’ve been hinting at for a while now. Much of it does have to do with a special someone, but is also very much because I’ve been looking for a life change for some time now.

So I’ve decided to do some travelling for a little while in Australia. If you’ve heard it’s the land of kangaroos and really freaking-big spiders, then you’re correct (even though I’ve only ever seen a roadside kangaroo, and not the live kind). Why Australia, you may ask? Well, why not! It’s sunny and warm, the people are friendly, the food is an international mix, and because beaches. It’s English-speaking, something that I admit I have recently been missing, and most of all, it’s new. Australia is such a mysterious and exciting place to me, it has a unique history and fascinating wildlife and nature. Why wouldn’t I want to explore something so different from my home?

To be honest, I’m looking forward to exploring for a little while, I’ll probably do a short study term (maybe something vocational that I can use back in Luxembourg), and it all helps that my favourite guy is there. I think that I’m so ready for a change, that I would have regrets if I didn’t try it.

However despite all my (very good) reasons for these travels, it was actually a tough decision to make. I can’t imagine being apart from a family that I’m so close to, nor could I easily say farewell to a country that has somehow found its way into my heart these past 5 years. So it’s not a permanent trip, I’ll be back and forth to Luxembourg all the time anyway.

So I was planning on flying out next week. However after having to make some last-minute adjustments due to my Luxembourg visa renewal (my timing couldn’t have been worse), I’m still here a short time longer. It’s nice to have such a leisurely transition now, but it certainly makes the wait feel like an eternity (insert drama here). So in the meantime, Mr Wonderful is coming to see me in Lux and we’ll get to spend some time with family, friends and a little bit of exploring. Italy. Paris. London. Like a dream. And this gives me chance to spend some time with my beautiful Luxembourg, a place that has become so dear to my heart, and a chance to share it with someone very special to me.

But for now, while I wait a little bit longer for some of these new things, I will sit here on this dreary Saturday morning; drinking my tea, eating scones and listening to Christmas music (yes, wintery summers do make things feel more Christmasy so much earlier).

Chat soon, xx

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