Wow… I can honestly say that it doesn’t feel like 6 months. It feels like an eternity and a day all at once. I feel as though I’ve been gone from the U.S for years, yet I’ve been here just a day. How can that happen? I have no idea. So many wonderful things have happened since we moved here, I can’t even write them all down.

The first wonderful event was the birth of my adorable nephew, Isaac Michael Lloyd, on February 9th, 2012. Although I haven’t had the chance to meet him, I know he is a wonderful baby… He has to be, he’s a Lloyd! All joking aside, his name means “laughter”, and he has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. Thank goodness for Skype, we can still watch him grow up.

I’m so proud of Rachel and all of her accomplishments. Even though her school situation is less than ideal, she is pressing through it with amazing strength! She’s doing more than I ever could have done, learning 2 languages at once (French and German). She even manages about an hour’s commute to and from school each day, homework, friends, and weekend activities (like Lasergame this last weekend). In some ways I’m envious of her chance to learn the languages so quickly. It’s helpful when she can communicate with salesclerks for me! 😉

Mom and Dad are now taking French classes 3 times a week, for 2 hours. I have to say, they are amazing for doing that! Complete immersion into any language is difficult, and they are doing wonderfully– they’re already having small conversations in French! I swear they have French blood…they so belong here in Europe. It’s like they were always meant to live here. I love seeing them adapt to life, soaking up the culture, relishing the new lifestyle.

Not that the lifestyle is easy, mind you. Many things are still strange to us, the things that are habitual to the locals we are still adjusting to. Although one thing pretty much stuck right away: food. (Not literally, thank goodness!) I can say that wherever we are or whatever we’re doing, at 12 o’clock our stomachs are practically screaming for lunch. Somewhere between 3 and 4 we stop for coffee or tea or some other afternoon break. And the food that we eat is wonderful! Fresh- normal (!)- fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses…ok, and some pastries. And although a car would be beneficial to have, using the public transit isn’t all that bad, it’s an easy way to excercise and keep off all the yummy food we eat.

I have decided not to pursue college for the time being. While I still LOVE learning and being educated, it’s not God’s plan for my life at this point in time. I actually enjoy not having too many obligations right now, just enjoying friendships, seeing the city, learning from Mom all the things about taking care of the home, and simply enjoying everyday life.

All in all, life is settling into a routine here. It’s wonderful, we have our home set up; pictures hung, furniture in place, flowers (thanks to Joel) on the table, weekend trips to the surrounding areas, and our family in one place.

As one of my favorite quotes puts it: “Family; we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” And is that ever true! 🙂

your favourite ginger xx

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