As I prepare for my weekend getaway, I reflect on my travels this past year. They were such treats, such lovely moments of exploring and experiencing that I like reveling in the nostalgic feelings they bring. 

I’d like to share with you glimpses of the beauties I’ve been gifted to experience over he last year…

There was Portugal, last May. That was such a great gift, as I hadn’t even planned it nor did I have to cover the full cost of the trip (thank you, dear friend!). I will always have fabulous memories of that week. Check out my postings here

There was Norway. Oh, my dear Bergen, it will always hold a special place in my heart. The cosiness of the city on a foggy, misty afternoon. A lazy cruise through the fjords. Coffee in the cutest, kitschiest cafe surrounded by books and bleached stone walls. I’ll always look back on this town with fondness. Read my emotional post here

To finish off the year was my greatest, furthest-reaching journey, yet: Australia! I haven’t written anything about this. Mainly because I didn’t do so much touristy things, but also because I don’t want to overwhelm the Internet with my gushing remarks and sappy stories. If you want to here about mine and P’s trip, then just ask. Meanwhile, enjoy some of my favourite pics (and watch out for a story in the coming months after my next visit this Spring!)


And this weekend, a new destination. Watch out for where I go on Instagram. Happy Spring weekend, friends. 
P.s. Ignore that finger smudge in the photo. We can’t all be perfect photographers! xx

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